For Reviewers

JMCS is based on double-blind peer review policy. Once you agree to review an article, we expect you to use a standard questionnaire which can be downloaded from our web page soon. Please remember to make your review useful not only to the Editorial Board but, first of all, to Authors.


Reviewing Rules:

  1. Each submission is reviewed by two independent reviewers of affiliations different from the Author’s.
  2. Reviewing is double-blind.
  3. Review is based on the Reviewer’s Form (as above) and includes both answers to a range of questions regarding the submission as well as a descriptive part in which suggestions to the Author
  4. In case of one one negative review, Editors may decide to involve one or more additional reviewers.
  5. Reviewers are recruited from the members of the Scientific Board or choosen by the Editors. The list of Editorial Board members is available on the web page of the journal.
  6. Each review must be concluded with a clear decision on further proceeding.

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